War Merit Cross with swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz)

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War Merit Cross with swords (Kriegsverdienstkreuz) Wehrmacht WW2.
Exact replica, complies with the original metal badge, pin back closing.

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The War Merit Cross (Kriegsverdienstkreuz) was a decoration of Germany during the Second World War, which could be awarded to military personnel and civilians alike. By the end of the war it was issued in four degrees; and had a related civil decoration. It was reissued in 1957 by the Bundeswehr in a de-Nazified version for veterans.

This award was created by Adolf Hitler in October 1939 as a successor to the non-combatant Iron Cross which was used in earlier wars (similar medal but with a different ribbon). The award was graded the same as the Iron Cross: War Merit Cross Second Class, War Merit Cross First Class, and Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross.[2] The award had two variants: with swords given to soldiers for exceptional service "not in direct connection with combat", and without swords given to civilians for meritorious service in "furtherance of the war effort". Recipients had to have the lower grade of the award before getting the next level.

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