Warning and reminder to French law

WAR-MEMORY.com reminds you that Article R.6451 of the French Penal Code punishes against "wearing or displaying uniforms, badges or emblems reminiscent of organizations or persons responsible for crimes against humanity" except "for the purposes of a film, show or exhibition with a historical evocation". In case of infringement, the owner is liable to 1,500 euros fine.

The products of our shop are offered to the professionals of the shows (Theater, Cinema, etc.), to the museums, to the collectors, or for a purely historical purpose. Each commits its own responsibility when wearing or exhibiting these items.

WAR-MEMORY.com does not support or endorse any political organization that promotes racism, anti-Semitism or homophobia in any form whatsoever. It is the same for some ideologies that are related to that of criminal organizations of war or not.