Walloon Honor Rexist Badge (Blood order)

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Walloon Honor Rexist Badge (Blood order). Exact replica, complies with the original metal badge, pin back closing.

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The Walloon Honor Rexist Badge known as the "Blood Order" was created during the Spring of 1941 and was awarded to members of the "Formations de Combat" of the Rexist Militia.
Unofficially Wallonie volunteers wore the badge before being transferred to the Waffen-SS. In October 16, 1944, RFSS H. Himmler authorized the award to be worn on German SS uniform. "Bravoure Honneur Fidelite" (Bravery, Honor and Loyalty).
The bronze badge was issued to "Formations de Combat" of the Rexist Militia members for combat or special services, a serial number was assigned and marked on the reverse lower right hand side of the badge. The silver was issued to non-members of the party for special services and sacrifices to the party and has no serial number or marking on the reverse.
The walloon rexist honor badge (Insigne d'Honneur des Formations de Combat) was also worn by some soldiers from the Légion Wallonie. By an order dated 16 October 1944, Himmler gave official sanction to the wearing of the award on SS uniform.
This badge is also called the Blood order badge and it was worn unofficially by Wallonie volunteers before being transferred to the Waffen SS. In 1944 it was officially authorised to be worn on the German SS uniform.

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